Subangan Museum Ticket Sales Doubles

Some of the tourists who visited the Subangan Provincial Museum during the sports event.

DAVAO ORIENTAL — The influx of visitors during the week-long DAVRAA Sports Event last month has doubled the Subangan Provincial Museum’s income for the month of March.

Manager Lyrna Padohinog said a total of 1,562 tourists from outside the province have visited the Museum, doubling its ticket sales.

“Featuring a sophisticated display of the province’s rich cultural and natural heritage, the Museum has been a great attraction especially on big events such as the DAVRAA,” said Padohinog.

From a total income of around Php 91,000 in February, the Museum’s total income in the month of March has reached Php 197,665.

The ticket sales of Subangan Provincial Museum has attracted several tourists from outside the province during the DAVRAA meet, reaching a total ticket sales of Php197,665.00

“While the ticket sales were low in the month of February with ticket sales of only Php79,039 in comparison to the previous month with ticket sales that reached Php123,321, the arrival of guests during the DAVRAA meet has increased the Museum’s ticket sales,” Padohinog added.

A brainchild of the Former Governor, now First District Representative, Cong. Corazon Nuñez-Malanyaon, the Subangan Provincial Museum was formally opened to the public in 2014 and quickly became one of leading come-ons for tourists here. Touted as the largest in Davao Region, the Museum has been generating additional source of revenue for the Provincial Government.

While the Provincial Government recognizes the tourism sector as one of the province’s large-scale sources of income and one of the main areas that propels the local economy, it also recognizes the economic opportunities that big events such as the DAVRAA Sports Event can open.

Seeing this, Governor Nelson L. Dayanghirang is determined to pursue the former administration’s strides on tourism development, not only in terms of site development but also in putting up big events that would potentially draw more tourists to come.

The Provincial Government is set to launch next year its first and only festival dubbed as the Kabilin Festival. However, determined to pursue activities for this year, members of the Kabilin Festival Council have agreed to pursue set of tourism activities slated on the month of May of this year dubbed as “Prelude to the Kabilin Festival”. Activities set for this event include caravan tours to various destinations in the province, cultural performances, and culinary exhibit, among others.

While the Kabilin Festival is a celebration devoted for the conservation of the environment, it will serve as a good vehicle for the province to gain recognition as a tourism destination and will help spur economic activities to benefit communities.

The said festival is also anticipated to draw in more tourists to visit the province’s tourism sites including the Subangan Museum which has now become one of the favorite destinations of tourists here.

“Touring the museum is like enjoying the luxury of climbing the Mount Hamiguitan minus the sweat and the knee-cracking steep trail,” said Ermie Varquez from Compostela Valley Province.

“We were able to witness the rich biodiversity of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Mount Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary. No wonder it has captured the heart of every visitor”, he said.

Another tourist from the delegation of Davao City, Irene Lumanas, said she was “impressed” with the various cultural heritage of the province, especially the Mandayan culture.

“What makes the museum attractive are the displays of its people’s unique Mandayan culture”, she said. She also added that the museum’s centerpiece, the 53-feet sperm whale, as well as the exhibits of the diverse flora and fauna from mountains to seas remind every visitor to take care of the environment.

In a bid to position the province as the new premiere ecotourism destination in Mindanao, the Provincial Government of Davao Oriental has also been showcasing its wondrous and unique ecotourism destinations through its tourism promotion and through organizing different events.

Governor Dayanghirang has said that “the very reason our province has hosted this year’s DAVRAA Meet was to promote and show to the people from across the region the various improvements here in our province. Indeed, we were able to attract tourist and generate income for the people not just through Subangan Provincial Museum but also through other tourist destinations like the Amihan sa Dahican, among others.”

He also noted the income generated by both small and big local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, transport sector, and markets, among many others. By Riza M. Golez/Photo by Eden Jhan Licayan



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