“There’s absolutely no truth to insinuations that there was silence and inaction on the alleged rampant drug trafficking in Governor Generoso town which means an unholy alliance with drug syndicates in the province. Such insinuation is grossly unfair, baseless and foul. You can fault me for anything but not on illegal drugs. Heaven knows how I have passionately spearheaded a campaign against illegal drugs.

I am listing down several initiatives that the province has undertaken to address the drug menace:

  1. Strengthening of strategic partnership among anti-drug stakeholders to be effective in the fight against illegal drugs;
  1. Calling the attention of law enforcement agencies and LGUs in the province on a regular basis to strengthen operations against illegal drug activities.


Police records show the following accomplishments for the period January 2015 to the present:

  • Number of anti-drug operations conducted : 106
  • Persons arrested : 174
  • Value of drugs confiscated : P 20.2 M
  • Drug cases filed  : 150
  • Number of convicted prisoners (3 of whom are from Governor Generoso town) : 12
  • High-profile drug personality from Governor Generoso was killed early this year during the operation
  • Davao Oriental was recognized by PDEA as the second highest in the region, next to Davao City in illegal drugs seizure


  1. Aside from anti-drug operations, the province gives equal importance to prevention of drug-abuse through advocacy efforts initiated by the Provincial Anti-Drug Abuse Council (PADAC) where communities are able to participate and cooperate in the anti-drug campaign and in raising a high level of awareness on the evils of dangerous drugs.


Dragging the name of Congressman Nelson Dayanghirang representing the first district of this province is puzzling as Governor Generoso town is not part of his district. It seems like there is a political dimension in this case.”

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