Road Safety Advocacy Strengthened

ROAD SAFETY ADVOCACY: Governor Dayanghirang (seated fourth from left) during a photo opportunity during the Mid-Year Performance Evaluation, Re-Tooling Seminar and Planning Workshop for Deputized PNP Traffic Enforcers and LGU Personnel. On his right is LTO XI Regional Director Atty. Gomer Dy while on his left is Tarragona Municipal Mayor and LMP President Nestor Uy.

DAVAO ORIENTAL – Making the roads safer for the general public, the Road Safety Advocacy in the province is being strengthened.

During the “Mid-Year Performance Evaluation, Re-Tooling Seminar and Planning Workshop for Deputized PNP Traffic Enforcers and LGU Personnel” on August 15 at the City of Mati, the traffic enforcers from across the province were given a refresher course on the salient points of the Road Speed Limiter Act, Children’s Safety on Motorcycles Act of 2015, Anti Distracted Driving Act, and the Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act of 2013, among many others.

Facilitated by the Land Transportation Office (LTO), the road safety advocacy aims to address the growing number of fatalities and injuries from road accidents in the province by increasing public’s awareness on traffic rules and safety.

Atty. Gomer Dy, Director of LTO Regional Office XI, said that the implementation of the laws concerning road safety is on full blast.

The participants of the seminar and planning workshop are Deputized PNP Traffic Enforcers and LGU Personnel from across the province.

Since Anti-Distracted Driving Act was implemented early on January 2017, there were only four cases of its violation in the entire Region XI as a result of the massive awareness campaign in traffic rules and safety.

As Anti Distracted Driving Act prohibits the use of cellphones while driving, Atty. Dy advised putting the phone in “hands-free” mode when making or receiving urgent calls.

He also reiterated the prohibition of putting signage or other figures on the dashboard that will obstruct the line of sight of the driver.

On the other hand, he cited salient points on Children’s Safety on Motorcycles Act of 2015 which covers individuals who are 18 years old and below. Children, when riding at the back of the motorcycle, should reach the foot rest, able to wrap their arms around the belly of the driver with interlocking fingers, and should wear the standard helmet.

While the Road Speed Limiter Act’s implementing rules and regulations are still being drafted, Atty. Gomer appeals to the public, especially van drivers, to follow the maximum road speed limit, following road accidents involving public utility vans.

“This seminar and planning workshop will keep the deputized PNP traffic enforcers and LGU personnel abreast with the new rules and regulations on traffic and motor vehicles especially those that were newly passed in the congress”, he added.

Governor Nelson L. Dayanghirang expresses his commitment in advocating road safety advocacy.

Governor Nelson L. Dayanghirang, whose administration continues the advocacy of former Governor now first district representative Congresswoman Corazon Malanyaon on public safety and security, suggested that road safety should be included in the criteria for choosing an LGU that will be given merit of excellence in governance.

A new Memorandum of Agreement on Road Safety Advocacy, which was initially signed by then Governor Malanyaon in 2011, is currently being drafted by Provincial LTO Head Joel Mandaya. This will renew the commitment of all LGU in the province in advocating for road safety. By Riza M. Golez









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