Welcome to Davao Oriental

Welcome to Davao Oriental
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Beauty beyond imagination!

Welcome to the sunrise capital of the Philippines. Madayaw Davao Oriental. Nestled between the gleaming Pacific Ocean and Davao Gulf Davao Oriental lies in the southernpart of Mindanao. The province is composed of 10 municipalities and one city which are subdivided to two congressional districts and further subdivided into 183 barangays.

Characterized by an extensive chain of mountain ranges and plateaus interspersed with alluvial valleys, swamps and low lands, the province is suitable for any agricultural purposes you have in mind.

Aside from its bountiful land, more to be admired are  affable and jovial Dabaweños who will welcome you with much warm and grace regardless of your culture, religion or tradition.

With fertile lands and evenly distributed rainfall throughout the year, it is no wonder that Davao Oriental has one of the largest crop production in the region and has a very sufficient supply of poultry and livestock.

Having the longest coastline, the province has also a large aquaculture area in the Davao Region.

From highlands to islands, your eyes will never rest on the diverse and unique sceneries this place has to offer. Davao Oriental has endless possibilities for development and investments and eco-tourism, agri-business, hydro-electric energy development, and transportation facilities.

Truly, its nature at its best as its grace once thought as just an imagination.

Come and visit Davao Oriental!

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