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Known as the gateway to the province of Davao Oriental, the municipality of Banaybanay sits at the northernmost tip of the province. This highly agricultural area covering 41,900 hectares is considered as the rice granary of the province because of its main agriculture product—rice.  Created as a municipality in 1969, Banaybanay is politically subdivided into 14 barangays.

Home to the majestic Sumlog River which is largely part of this town’s rich history, the municipality of Lupon also offers wealth in natural wonders and welcoming people. Subdivided to 21 villages, Lupon was formally created as a municipality in 1948 from being a barrio of Pantukan in 1919. 

San Isidro
Bounded by mountain ranges and gulf waters, this small quiet town of San Isidro offers one of nature’s great gift to the world—the Mt. Hamiguitan Mountain Range. Recently nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this natural wonder boasts its 12 kilometers untouched pygmy forest teeming with life of diversified flora and fauna. San Isidro’s marine reserves also offer exciting underwater adventures. The municipality of San Isidro is politically divided into 16 barangays. While seven villages are along the coastlines, nine are in the upland areas.

Governor Generoso
One of the municipalities located along the gulf, Governor Generoso boasts its rich seascapes swarming with fishery resources. Endowed with this gift, this marine-rich town is considered the major fishing ground of the Davao Gulf. In addition, Governor Generoso also prides its rich history which dated back from the Spanish occupation when the European colonizers settled in the area concentrating in the Cape of San Agustin, which sits at the southernmost part tip of Mindanao and became an important navigational landmark in those early times.

City of Mati
The capital of Davao Oriental, this newly emerging city that lies in the southernmost part of the Philippines offers loads of opportunities in investment and tourism.  While its lowlands embrace the Pujada Bay, the eastern part of the city is bounded by the vast Pacific Ocean. Along its coasts are the astonishing beach resorts including the famous Dahican Beach covered in pristine white sand and clear blue waters fit for snorkeling, surfing, and occasionally dolphin-watching.
Davao Oriental’s ingress to the east coast, the municipality of Tarragona is politically divided to 10 barangays and home to the rich Mandayan culture. Endowed with upland and marine resources, the municipality of Tarragona is highly potential for agri-eco tourism opportunities.  

One of the six towns of the eastern coast, Manay features its powdery white beaches facing the endless blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. This small, quiet town of Manay that is known for its vast eco-tourism potentials also features its rich historical roots that date back from the Spanish occupation.   

A pueblo or municipality of Davao Oriental on top of a hill about 80 feet above sea level overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The Pusan Point in the village of Santiago in Caraga which is situated at the easternmost vantage point in the Philippines is also known as the Sunrise Capital of the Philippines. Considered as one of the oldest settlements in the province, Caraga still preserves the remnants of its rich cultural roots including the century old Caraga Church.
A town of rich culture, history, and natural wonders, the municipality of Baganga is a great destination to visit, explore and relax. Divided to 21 barangays, this town is considered one of the coastal wonders of the province. While its seascapes and marine industry offers potential for eco-tourism, the uplands abound in agricultural potentials.

This first class municipality in the east coast prides its vastly agricultural terrains and breath-taking wonders. In 2011, the municipality of Cateel became the recipient of the largest Mindanao Rural Development Program agriculture project—the Cateel Irrigation Project that hopes to boosts rice sufficiency in the province. Aside from the vast agriculture potentials, this town prides its majestic Aliwagwag Falls which known for its beauty and peculiar structure that seems like a stairway with cascading waters. In 2011, the Aliwagwag Falls and its environs were declared as a Protected Area under the Presidential Proclamation 139.
Situated at the southernmost tip of Davao Oriental, the municipality of Boston is politically divided into 8 barangays. Bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the east, this municipality offers breathtaking seascapes and islands. This town is also blessed with lush forests, rivers, and falls. It’s highly fertile terrains give an ideal condition for agriculture.

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Province of Davao Oriental
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