P 352.2 Million Road Projects Poised to Boost Agriculture, Tourism

DAVAO ORIENTAL – The construction of two big-ticket road projects are set to commence in the City of Mati,  which are poised to improve connectivity and open up more economic opportunities for dozens of communities here.

On Monday, August 14, the Provincial Government broke ground to two road concreting projects which are the 12-kilometer road from the National Highway Junction – Badas – Culian – Sanghay with an earmarked budget of P246.6 million and the 6.5-kilometer road from the National Highway Junction – Dahican- Bobon amounting to P105.6 million.

Governor Dayanghirang led the ground breaking ceremony of the 6.5-kilometer road from the National Highway Junction – Dahican- Bobon

Funded under the Conditional Matching Grant to Provinces (CMGP) of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), these roads amounting to a total of P352.2 million is set to increase agricultural productivity and poised to open up opportunities in terms of tourism in communities traversed by these road projects.

Punong Barangay Diosdado Pahid of Barangay Sanghay said that the road project in his village would directly benefit 13 sitios consisting of at least 393 households who are mostly dependent on farming for their livelihood.

Ground breaking ceremony of the 12-kilometer road concreting from the National Highway Junction – Badas – Culian – Sanghay

Being among the city’s important production areas for various crops such as banana, corn, copra, and ginger, among many others, the village of Sanghay along with its neighboring village of Culian are anticipated to benefit from the new connection as it would open up a stream of opportunities, such as cutting off transportation time and cost and safe mode of transport.

“With this road, we can easily deliver our goods to the market. We can now get a good price for our crops unlike before when some of our farm produce get damaged even before they arrive at the market due to the poor mode of transportation and multiple handling of crops,” he added.

Meanwhile, residents of the villages of Bobon and Dahican welcomed the new development in their village. Bobon Punong Barangay Valencio Macaturac said the new road will pave the way to new opportunities in the two barangays, especially in terms of tourism.

Ground breaking of the road concreting project in Barangay Bobon

With the mushrooming establishments and developments in the famous Dahican which is known for its pristine and white-sand beaches, the area is being anticipated to become congested within a few years. Barangay Bobon which shares Dahican’s tourism potentials is being touted to become an expansion area for tourism development.

Aside from tourism, both areas are known for their agricultural potentials with vast swathes of land planted to coconut. Barangay Bobon alone estimates at least 35,000 hills of coconut planted in the area, augmenting the demand on the supply of copra in neighboring provinces and cities.

Governor Nelson L. Dayanghirang said pouring of investments in these areas is an effective means to boost their potentials in driving economic development not only in the City of Mati but also in the province.

Under the CMGP, the province has received a grant from DILG, which means it doesn’t have to shell out counterpart funds for the project. DILG Provincial Director Yvette Sunga said the department has poured a huge amount of funding as it is its way of bestowing incentives to provinces with excellent track record and who are consistently exhibiting good performance in governance.

She cited the administration of Former Governor, now First District Representative Corazon N. Malanyaon which is being sustained by the present administration of Governor Dayanghirang.  “This is a legacy of good governance. This is a legacy of concerted efforts,” she said.

Part of the provincial master plan called the Provincial Road Network Development Plan, these road projects are among Governor Dayanghirang ambitious development projects which aim to transform marginalized areas to economically thriving and developed communities.

This ambitious road network project will not only pave way for enhancing connectivity but would also aid for easier access in times of disasters and emergencies as well as aid in the government’s peace and development efforts.

Gov. Dayanghirang emphasized the road’s significance in ensuring peace and order in the communities and fast delivery of government services to these far-flung communities. He urged the residents to support the government in the implementation of the project. He asked them to help in securing the equipment and materials so that there will be no delays in the project implementation.

By empowering the people through the provision of necessary infrastructures to support their livelihood, the Provincial Government is assured of advancing development and in reducing poverty. Gov. Dayanghirang said that building roads is an investment worth making to provide opportunities to the people in the countryside.  By Karen Lou Deloso/ Photos by Eden Jhan Licayan

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