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Rice donations from the World Food Program intended for the typhoon victims in the three hard-hit towns of Boston, Cateel and Baganga and parts of Caraga. The dispatch and distribution are accounted and monitored by the agency for fair and equal distribution of relief.

The Governor vehemently denies the charges of the protesterswho came by bus and vans from COMVAL, Butuan, Bukidnon, Cotabato and Davao City that she ever used rice intended for Pablo victims to boost the candidacy of her chosen candidates in Mati City.

The protesters numbering about 300 who are members of Barug Katawhan and Balsa Mindanao the same groups involved in the protest actions in Montevista Compostela Valley and DSWD Davao City staged a rally at the center of the city after they were given a permit to rally by City Mayor Michelle Rabat.

Governor Corazon N. Malanyaon who heads the Central Command Post even before the onslaught of the super typhoon oversee all operations including disaster response, relief distribution, and rehabilitation and rebuilding

The Governor said that there is no reason for her to commit an indiscretion on rice distribution for the following reasons:

FIRST: The Governor is running unopposed for reelection.

SECOND: DSWD and World Food Program do not give any kilo of rice to Mati. These agencies allocate, account and monitor the distribution of relief goods to Pablo victims in the hard hit towns of Baganga, Boston and Cateel.

THIRD: All rice consistently distributed by DSWD and World Food to typhoon victims are NFA Rice.No NFA Rice has been distributed by any of anointed candidates of Malanyaon particularly by CARLO RABAT’s team contrary to the allegations of Mayor Michelle Rabat, which is the subject of the protest of the out of town rallyists.

FOURTH: Mati City and all residents in Davao Oriental know that Malanyaon gives only CLASS A rice to beneficiaries over the years.


His Excellency Ambassador Harry K. Thomas, Jr, United States Ambassador to the Philippines (5th from left) hands over the 2.1 M kilos of rice assistance from the American people to the typhoon victims of Davao Oriental and Compostela Valley. Joining him at the ceremonial turn-over (from L to R) are Mayor Camilo Nuñez, USAID Philippines Mission Director Ms. Gloria D. Steele; DSWD Municipal Coordinator Anne Jickain; Gov. Corazon N. Malanyaon, Country Director of the WFP Asaka Nyangara a.i; and Head of the Davao Office of the UN OCHA Barry Armstrong.

 Malanyaon even boldly said “ I will resign as Governor if you can prove your allegations.”The charges are nothing but cheap and malicious propaganda hurled by local candidates hurt by Malanyaon’s endorsement of their opponents.

Provincial Government of Davao Oriental has been commended by all agencies, organizations, local and international, including those under the umbrella of the United Nations for its leadership, transparency and for its effective collaboration in the disaster response operations.


4th round distribution

World Food Program Country Director, Stephen Anderson, urges the people of Cateel not to lose hope as agencies in partnership with the provincial government are doing its best in delivering aid to all those affected by the calamity. As of today, WFP is committing to provide food stuff to typhoon affected towns until the end of June. A process of selection will be implemented in the ensuing months giving priority to special groups identified by the Food Cluster of the Typhoon Pablo Task Force.


Governor Malanyaon hands over a relief pack to a resident in Baganga, a few days after typhoon Pablo hit the province. The food packs distributed by the province to the typhoon-affected residents are donated by the DSWD, World Food Program, and ICRC.

A navy boat carrying relief goods approaches the town of Baganga-- the first town to receive humanitarian relief via large ocean vessels. The other two towns of Boston and Cateel received the relief goods after the roads were cleared of the debris. The relief to the two towns were carried through the Lingig Route traversing the Compostela Valley territory.

A navy boat carrying relief goods and rescuers approaches the sea port of the town of Baganga– the first town that received the humanitarian aid from the province carried in the large ocean vessels. The two remaining towns of Boston and Cateel received the food packs after the roads were cleared of debris. The relief goods were transported to these two towns via Linging Route traversing the Compostela Valley territory.



  1. A Job well done my Governor, teacher and friend. We give all our full support for you.


  2. Good work Ma’am. Any attempt by your detractors won’t prosper. You have the full support of your constituents.


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