Manay Town Creates Crisis Management Committee

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Manay Mayor Antero L. Dayanghirang

MANAY, DAVAO ORIENTAL – In response to the ‘increasing internal problems’ in Manay town, the Municipal Government has created a special committee that will focus on resolving urgent local issues, especially in terms of peace and order.

Through Executive Order no. 4, which was issued today by Municipal Mayor Antero Dayanghirang, a Crisis Management Committee under the Municipal Peace and Order Council was created.

The said executive order cited that the “Peace and Order situation in the Municipality of Manay has been threatened by the massive presence of Armed Groups”, particularly in the villages of Lambog, Del Pilar, Capasnan, Rizal, and Taocanga.

The residents of these barangays have cried for help over the relentless threats and extortion activities of the Communist New People’s Army rebels. Residents here say that their normal everyday lives have been drastically affected. The recent violent incidents here prompted them to flee for safety, leaving behind their homes and livelihoods.  They say they fear of being caught in a crossfire between the rebels and government forces or killed by the rebels for refusing to join their ranks and not being able to give them extortion money.

Yesterday, February 1, 2017, a junior officer of the Philippine Army, 2nd Lt. Miguel Victor Alejo, who was responding to the residents’ distress call over the ruthless harassment was killed by the NPA rebels. Two civilians, one is said to have refused to give up his horse to the bandits, were also killed. Hundreds of families from six sitios who have evacuated are now left displaced.

These acts of violence have prompted the Municipal Government to create the crisis committee, which functions to develop a Crisis Management Plan that would provide appropriate measures to prevent, resolve and direct operations should emergency crisis situations occur. The said committee will also organize and coordinate activities of different government agencies. It is also tasked to contain, mitigate, control crisis situation and prevent it from aggravating.

Meanwhile, the Provincial Government has vowed that it will continue to support the Municipal Government of Manay in providing material support to the men, women, children and elderly evacuees, who are now being displaced by the violence. PIO

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