Industry Background/Situationer

The seaweed industry is one of the most promising industries in the Philippines today. Seeweed or its derivatives (carageenan) is among the country’s top ten export winners with a market that is continuously expanding. The industry has high upstream and downstream growth potentials. The upstream side which in involves seaweed production is the most crucial because at present, total output is not sufficient to serve the requirements of local processors. The expansion and development of new production areas can be fully explored to contribute in alleviating poverty and employment problems among marginalized fisher folks.

On the downstream side, the versatility of carageenan as a product opens a lot of opportunities for product expansion of eucheauma seaweed, next to China and Japan. Carageenan has a broad range application. It is mainly used as gelling, stabilizing, thickening and suspending agent for industrial food like ice cream, yogurt and other cold milk products, beer processing aid, meat processing and industrial non-food like pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, paints and pigments, air-freshener gel, fertilizers, jet brake fluids and toothpastes.

Since most of the municipalities in the province of Davao Oriental are located along the coastline, seaweed industry is a potent source of livelihood for the community. The province still ahs vast potential areas for development, considering water suitability and other environment parameters required for fast growth.

Quick Facts 

Total Length of Coastline 513.2 kms
Potential Area for Seaweed farming:  15,000 hectares
 Area Planted:   50 hectares
 Ave. Annual Production   3 tons per hectare

Existing Players
• Two Seaweed Growers Association
• Local Buyers/Traders
• Pickled Seaweed Processor (RIC and Women’s group)

Existing Facilities
• Seaweed farms

Market Potentials
• Local market for dried and semiprocessed seaweeds

Investment Opportunities
• Seaweed production/Expansion (Eucheuma and Kappaphycus varieties)
• Establishment of semi-processing plant
• Establishment of seaweed buying stations

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