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Philippines has a very strong mineral resource base. Its geological setting offers many of the best potential sites for mineral resources development, earning for it a very high mark for mineral prospects. Gold, for instance, is so widely distributed that all country’s gold output since the 3rd century had been sustained only by shallow deposits.

Of the total thirty (30) million hectares of land area in the Philippines, only about one and a half percent (1.5) are presently covered by mining permits. Of the balance area, about thirty (30%) were found by the Mines and Geosciences Bureau to be geologically prospective for metallic minerals. With the continuing exploration and geological mapping work, this potential for metals is expected to increase further. There is an esti mated nine (9) million hectares more of potential sites for metallic minerals.

Davao Oriental is among the richest provinces in the country in terms of metallic and non-metallic mineral resources.
Minerals that can be found in Davao Oriental are:

• gold
• copper
• chromite
• manganese
• nickel

Non-metallic minerals, such as:
• osilica
• omagnesite
• olimestone (marble)
• other quarry materials such as sand and gravel and pebbles.

As of May 2008, the total land area covered by approved mining tenements is about 31,052.668 hectares distributed as follows:

• 10 Mineral Production Sharing Agreements with 26,663.5535 hectares
• 2 Exploration Permits with 3542 hectares
• 5 Mining/Lode Lease Contracts with 105 has.
• 33 Small Scale Mining Permits (SSMP) with 568 has.
• 6 Sand and Gravel Permits (SAG) with 6 has.
• 2 Pebble Picking Permits (PPP) with 2 has
• Numerous Production Sharing Agreement (MPSA) /Exploration Permit (EP) Applications are now being processed with the MGB-XI.

There is a significant increase in mineral production in Davao Oriental during CY 2007 brought about by the upsurge in world demand and in price.

Estimated Mineral Reserves

Nickel 400,000,000 MT
 Chromite 100,103 MT
 Manganese 108,840 MT
 Gold  10, 000 MT
 Silica  7, 299, 820 MT
 Magnesite  78, 712, 000 MT
 Marble  1, 000 cu. m
 Dimension Stone/Diorite  1, 000, 000 cu. m
 Sand and Gravel  1, 900, 000 cu. m
 Clay  897, 795 MT
 Limestone  9, 396, 549, 500 cu. m

 Estimated Mineral Reserves
Market potential of metallic minerals is so huge and robust since they are used as:
• Raw Material inputs to indsutrial and infrastructure developement
• Inputs of the processing of electronic equiptment such as computers and cellular phones, etc.
• Input materials for electronics components, transmission parts, motor vehicle
• Raw materials for jewelry industry, health, telecommunications, construction and transport industry

Presently, there is a high demand and a good price for metals such as gold, manganese, nickel and copper from China, Korea and Taiwan.

Investment Potential
Given the growing demand for minerals as inputs to other industries, investment potentials available are:
• Minerals extraction
• Minerals Semi-Processing / Processing
• Ware housing and transportation Services
• Operation of prot Facilities, i.e., conveyors, ect.

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