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Mango, the country’s national fruit, is considered one of the finest fruits in the world. It is the third most important fruit crop of the country next to banana and pineapple. “Carabao” mango, also known as the Manila super mango is top of the country’s export variety. At present, there are ten “carabao” mango strains in the Philippines. The industry also supports around 2.5million farmers nationwide. Davao Oriental is also one of the major mango producers in Davao Region.

Quick Facts
Total Land Area 516, 446.00 has
Total Agricultural Area 238, 680.00 has
Area Planted/Harvested 8,850.00 has
Average Production/Ha 1.4 metric tons
Area Harvested (Bearing) 2, 595.00 has
No. of Mango Farmers 5, 062 Farmers
Average Production/Ha/Yr. 16.00 metric tons

Existing Players
• 3,500 Mango Farmers
• Mango Sprayers
• 1 Local Processors

Market Potentials
• Fresh Mango
• Processed Mango (puree, mango juice and dried mango)
• Investment Potentials

Existing Facilities and Capacities
• Individual Sprayers
• Processing Plant (Non- Operational)

Investment Opportunities
• Market Consolidation
• Lease Contract on Plantation
• Supply of Inputs
• Mango Processing (Puree, juice, Dried, candies)


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Province of Davao Oriental
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