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Coconut, called the tree of life because of its many uses and versatility is one of the most important crops in the Philippines as it substantially contributes to income and foreign exchange earnings. The country continues to be one the world’s leading suppliers of traditional coconut products which include copra meal and coco oil. From a sunset industry due to unstable and declining copra price, the situation was reversed when high-value by-products were developed and the industry was able to expand and diversify. Among the emerging products are coconut methyl ether, activated carbon, virgin coconut oil, coco coir and peat and handicraft items. Various coco products are now gaining global recognition given its health and aesthetic values.

Davao Oriental is the leading coconut producer in the Philippines. It produces an average of one billion nuts annually covering a total crop area of 156,837 hectares. The major products exported by the province through the International Copra Export Corporation are crude oil and copra pellets. Records show that export of 816,863 metric tons of crude oil and pellets from 1997 to 2001 is valued at $ 185.7 million.

With the province’s advantages in terms of volume and area in coconut production, it can still explore of new opportunities offered by the industry both in the domestic and export markets.

Quick Facts
Total Land Area 516,446.00 Has.
Total Agricultural Land Area 238,680.00 Has.
Area Planted/Harvested 160,638.00 Has
Average Production/Hectare/Year 1.4 Metric Tons
No. of Coconut Farmers 114,079 Farmers
 No. of Barangayser Hectare/Year 183 Barangays
Total No. of Barangays planted to Coconut 179 Barangays

 Existing Players

• 114,079 Coconut Farmers / Copra Producers
• Copra Traders
• 2 Coco Peat Producers / Coco Coir Processors, Traders/Exporters
• 1 Geotextile producer
• 1 Coco Oil Miller
• 1 Virgin Coco Oil producer
• Coco novelty makers
• Coco lumber dealers
• Granulated coco processors / traders
• Charcoal producers & traders
• 1 Coco Sugar, Coco Syrup Plant
• Fresh Coco Traders
• Food Processors

Existing Facilities

• Copra Dryers
• 1 oil milling plant
• Decorticating machines / plants
• 1 Geotextile plant
• 1 Coconut virgin oil processing facility

Market Potentials

Domestic and export market for:

• Coco Diesel/biofuel
• Coconut oil
• Copra meal /pellets
• Dessicated coconut
• Virgin Coconut oil
• Coco fiber / geotextile
• Coco Peat
• Granulated charcoal
• Coco based food products (coco juice, coco candies, coco jam, coco vinegar and sauce, coco flour, coco sugar, coco milk, nata de coco)
• Coco gifts and housewares (baskets, trays)
• Coco wine (Lambanog and Tuba)

Investment Opportunities

• Coconut expansion area for hybrids / Macapuno production
• Coco Diesel Processing
• Activated Carbon Processing (small-scale)
• Coco Coir & Coco Peat Production
• Virgin Coconut Oil Processing
• Integrated Coconut Oil Nutraceutical Processing
• Integrated Coconut Processing
• Coco-based Food Processing
• Coco Gifts and Housewares Making


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