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Banana is the leading fruit grown in the Philippines and a consistent top dollar earner. Its prospects in the domestic and foreign market continuously increase as demand for fresh and processed banana is on the rise. While the Cavendish variety constitutes the bulk of export earnings for banana, the cardava variety is gaining a niche as a banana chip is emerging to be another export winner.

The banana industry specifically the cardava variety is one of the priority industries of Davao Oriental due to its high growth potential. Based on projections, cardava banana chips export performance will grow at an average of 10% per year; local market for cardava in urban centers is growing as alternative healthy snack food such as banana cue, fried banana, turon, etc.; and, domestic demand for lakatan and latundan (both table bananas) is expected to increase at an average of at least 3% per year.

Based on record. Davao Oriental has 12,065 hectares planted to banana and it has an estimated production volume of 319,722metric tons.

Quick Facts
Total Land Area 516,446.00 Has.
Total Agricultural Land Area 238,680.00 Has.
Area Planted to Banana 25,425.00 Has
Area Harvested 9,302.00
No. of Banana Growers 6,625 Farmers
Average Production per
1,001 Kgs.
Potential Area for Abaca Production 1.2 Metric Tons

Existing Players

    • 5,800 Banana farmers
    • 1 Local Processor (first fry for banana chips – export)
    • Micro Processors – sweetened/flavored banana chips
    • Local Traders / consolidators
    • Financing Institution (for banana production farms)

Existing Facilities

    • 2 Banana chips processing plants (Mati and San Isidro)

Market Potentials

Local and export market for:

    • Banana chips – first fry
    • Banana chips – flavored/sweetened
    • Fresh bananas
    • Other processed products such as banana flour, banana catsup

Investment Potentials

    • Banana Production expansion (cardava variety)
• Banana chips Processing
• Processing of other products such as banana flour, banana catsup, banana feedstuff, etc.
• Establishment of tissue culture laboratory and nursery for banana seedlings


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