Investment on coconut processing poised to open up 1,000 jobs

Governor Nelson L. Dayanghirang (center) with the owners of the Oriental Productos Inc. Mr. Ratna Tiruveeda and his wife, and son Bobby Tiruveeda, and CPOINT Head Carmelo Laburada

Governor Nelson L. Dayanghirang (center) together with the owners of the Oriental Productos Inc.: Mr. Ratna Tiruveedula (2nd from left) and his wife (far left) and company CEO Bobby Tiruveedula. Joining them is CPOINT Head Carmelo Laburada

DAVAO ORIENTAL – A coconut processing company is set to provide at least 1,000 jobs in the City of Mati by next year.

The Oriental Productos Inc., a company run by investors from India, is set to establish a coconut processing plant here, bringing with it the promise of employment to farmers, jobless laborers, and women’s organizations, among others.

In a courtesy call with Davao Oriental Governor Nelson L. Dayanghirang at the Provincial Capitol, Mr. Ratna Tiruveedula, owner of the company, said that the opening of the business will provide direct and indirect employment which will help the province address the gap in terms of employment rate.

Carmelo Laburada, Head of the Center for Promotion on Investments and Trade (CPOINT) said that the resulting job generation will raise the people’s purchasing power, thereby increasing the money that circulates locally. In addition, this new investment will also support the province’s local revenue generation.

Expecting future expansion for the business, the Oriental Productos Inc., which also attaches itself to social works, plans to provide incentives to the local communities by putting up community infrastructures such as potable water supply and providing livelihood trainings and programs to farmers’ and women’s associations.

Tiruveedula said that helping the community is their way of doing business, noting that their company is serious on its corporate social responsibility.


Owners of the Oriental Productos Inc. pay a courtesy call with Davao Oriental Governor Nelson L. Dayanghirang at the Provincial Capitol.

Owners of the Oriental Productos Inc. pay a courtesy call to Davao Oriental Governor Nelson L. Dayanghirang at the Provincial Capitol.

The Oriental Productos Inc., which recently located itself in the City of Mati has obtained a three-hectare property through lease contract in the agro-industrial area of Barangay Don Martin Marundan, where the company is set to initially start its venture.

The processing plant which has the initial capacity to process at least 100,000 nuts a day will be doubled in the ensuing months, said Tiruveedula, making the plant highly efficient and the business sustainable.

This enterprise focuses in processing coconut-based food products such as coco water, milk, sugar, and desiccated coconut among many others. These premium products will be exported mainly to European countries where the demand of coco-based products is high.

Tiruveedula said these high-value products from coconuts have higher potential than copra which has an unsteady price in the international market.

Governor Dayanghirang is optimistic about the investment which will help locals find jobs. He said this venture would also entice more farmers to plant coconut.

“Davao Oriental is prominently a coconut province and it is high time that we revive our coconut industry,” said Gov. Dayanghirang. He said that through the Philippine Coconut Authority’s (PCA) assistance to the farmers, an increase in the number of coconut trees is expected in the next few years. Although the province is promoting the planting of coconut trees, it also encourages farmers to plant other high-value crops such as cacao, coffee, abaca, chili, and other fruit trees.


Governor Dayanghirang said that the new company’s choice to locate here in Davao Oriental is a good indication that the province has been creating a good climate for business and investments, particularly for foreign investors.

In order to entice more businessmen to invest here in the province, the Provincial Government wants to tap Davao Oriental’s potentials through infrastructure development projects.

While the national government is keen at developing infrastructure projects that will prop up the country’s economic sector, Governor Dayanghirang hopes funds will be poured in the development of an airport. “Development projects provide the impetus towards economic progress,” says Governor Dayanhirang who is eyeing to develop the Mati City airport which has been left idle for many years. He says developing the airport as a means of connectivity would not only help boost trade and business but will also help boost the province’s emerging tourism sector.  By Karen Lou Deloso

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