Housing project in typhoon-hit areas marks speedy progression

shelter may 19

Province of Davao Oriental (May 19)— Following the series of turnover of houses over the past few months in the typhoon-hit towns of Boston, Cateel, and  Baganga, the provincial government together with the DSWD turned over anew another batch of houses on Monday, May 19 here.

Governor Corazon N. Malanyaon together with DSWD Assistant Regional Director for Operations Maria Villa L. Vigil, congratulated the 351 families who elatedly received certificate of occupancy and keys to their new homes.

Funded under the Modified Shelter Assistance Program of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), the project intends to provide decent and permanent shelters to the typhoon victims.

In an effort to further expedite provision of shelters to beneficiaries, Governor Malanyaon said that housing turnover will be done at least twice a month. She noted that an immediate turnover would take place as soon as a new batch of shelters is finished and ready for the recipients to move in. “In that way we can help more families start over with their lives sooner,” she said.

“We made sure that provision of houses is prioritized and fast track as we believe that unless security of a home is given, other undertakings especially on economic endeavors would not be fully realized,” she added.


Aside from expediting the construction of houses, Gov. Malanyaon revealed that she is setting up an extension office of the province directly in the affected towns to make sure that problems on housing will be easily addressed.

Meanwhile, to ensure high-quality constructed homes, a team of building inspectors from the province has been deployed in the areas to run checks for building defects such as leaks and cracks among others. “Unless these flaws are repaired and the houses are already good for a family to settle in, the houses will not be turned over” Gov. Malanyaon said.


While the houses were initially planned to be just core shelters with a P70,000 budget per unit –that is without ceiling, paint, and other amenities such as electricity and water, Governor Malanyaon explored other options by complementing funds to supplement those lacking amenities, making certain that families will be more comfortable and secured in their new homes as they start anew.

While given for free, the newly turned over houses gives its new owners responsibilities, says DSWD Assistant Regional Director Vigil. She said that as beneficiaries of a home, they should as well become responsible owners. She not only underscored the importance of cleanliness in the community but also told them to complement the assistance given with hard work, enabling them to be free from the clutches of poverty.


“As beneficiaries you should become stewards of this housing project as this would not only benefit you but also the future generation who would inherit these houses,” she said.

She further thanked the active role of the provincial and local government units for fast tracking the project.  “This housing project would not have been realized if not through their support,” she said. PIO





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