Goal: Comprehensive access to infrastructure, utilities and services

Strategic Objectives

  • Provide the basic infrastructure for mobility, trade and commerce
  • Provide the basic utilities for the domestic and industrial requirements of people and businesses
  • Provide the basic social services for education, health, shelter and welfare


Water for All

Water Development and Distribution

This program is essential in the hope of achieving a 100% provision of potable water in the entire province, most especially to waterless areas. Installation and repair of artesian and deep wells are still incorporated in these areas.

Health for All

1. Integrated Heath Delivery System

Madayaw PhilHealth

This program is established through Provincial Ordinance No. 02-2008 and the Madayaw MOA by and between the Provincial LGU, the 11 Municipal LGUs, the 2 Congressional District Offices and PhilHealth.

Bright Child Program

This program is in response to the early childhood development by providing them with proper nutrition and construction of conducive daycare centers and other materials.

Health and Nutrition

Botika sa Barangay

The program aims to promote equity in health by ensuring the availability and accessibility of affordable, safe and effective, quality, essential drugs to all, with priority for marginalized, underserved, critical and hard to reach areas.

Upgrading of Hospitals

This is to enhance and upgrade the hospital buildings including its medical equipment.

Medical Outreach Program

This program involves the conduct of free medical and dental mission specifically in remote areas of the province whose people who have health problems could not afford for medical treatment.

Education for All

Educational Assistance for Deserving Students (RA 7323)

This program shall institute activities that will expose poor but deserving working students to the actual work environment and to develop productive work ethics among them. It shall be strengthened in order to be responsive to the changing economic conditions and ensure working students to finish their education and embark on a promising career path.

Support to Day Care Program

Youth Program

This program aims to orient towards youth development through recreationsocial life, prevention, intervention, or education.

Support to School Board Program

In order to improve the quality of education, there is a  need to hire more teachers, construct school building, provides school supplies and materials.

Infrastructure Development

Roads and Bridges Development

This is to provide easier access, enhanced mobility and improve linkages to market or activity centers as support to the socio-economic development agenda of the province.  Therefore, accessibility plays a very important role in the promotion of livelihood to help alleviate poverty in the remote areas.

Irrigation Systems Development

This is support to the Food Security Program and also helps increase farmer’s income by constructing, rehabilitating and improving of irrigation systems and facilities.

Commercial and Fishing Ports Development

Airports Development

This project aims to maximize tourism and investment opportunities of the province. This will provide easier access for investors, tourists and stakeholders, among others, on the development potential of the province.

Power Development and Expansion

This project aims to develop new energey sources to to directly address the twin problems of decreasing energy supply in Davao Oriental  and the rising cost of power. Hence, the major impact of this project is its contribution to the needed additional power demand of the Province. Not only does it intend to supplement the foreseen inadequate power supply, but moreover,   the project itself,  in particular the bana grass production component will provide livelihood/job opportunities to  marginalized farmers within the  vicinity of the targeted production area.

Communication Facilities Development and Enhancement

Repair, Improvement and Maintenance of Public Buildings and Other Structure

The provincial govrnment envisions to improve/develop all government centers in order to effectively and efficiently address concerns of the constituents.  This shall cover the improvement of SP facilities, dormitory, parking areas, fence and the Governor’s mansion.

Hotel Improvement and Management Operation

The Provincial Tourism Complex is an economic enterprise that provides accomodation services both to local and foreign tourists. In order to ensure better service, hotel improvement and management shall be done which covers repair of hotel facilities and administrative costs.

Davao Oriental Museum Project

The Provincial Museum Building will be the repository of collected artifacts and other objects of artistic or historical importance. The said building will make these artifacts and artistic objects available for public viewing. In support to this endeavor, there is also  a need to improve and upgrade the Tourism Complex Building to accommodate the influx  of tourists/visitors.



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