Goal: Total restoration of balanced Ecology

Strategic Objectives

  • Enforce protection of protected areas
  • Develop sustainable production areas
  • Rationalize utilization of resources
  • Mobilize community support for environmental projects

Programs/Projects :

Million Trees Movement

Safe Scenic Highway

Environmental Protection Program

This program is intended for the protection of our environment and proper conservation of natural resources from destruction, impairment and depletion.  In order to achieve the effective protection of our natural resources from illegal entry, unlawful occupation and other forms of environmental destruction, the provincial government has designed some environmental interventions such as: environmental assessment and monitoring, environmental law enforcement and networking; conduct of reforestation/afforestation/rainforestation; and advocacy and information education campaign on environmental matters so as to inform the locality on the importance of protecting the environment is vital for the survival of the province.

Mangrove Rehabilitation and Developement

Coastal Resource Management Program

This program involves technical assistance to LGUs on the management and protection of mangroves, biodiversity conservation, and conduct of consultation on Marine Protected Areas.

Protected Area Development

Community-based Forest Management

Watershed Management

Environmental Policies

Operation of Environmental Special Bodies

This program supports all the Special Bodies for environmental concern in the province.  It shall also cover all the activities to be undertaken by the different councils such as PENRC, PSWMB and PMRB for the conduct of series of meetings relative to the formulation and implementation of environmental plans and policies, rules and regulations relative to the responsible and sustainable utilization of natural resources in all the municipalities.

Forestry Law Enforcement

Enforcement of Mining Laws

Environment Ordinances

Provincial Environmental Code Formulation

Solid and Liquid Waste Management Program

This program shall ensure proper management & disposal of solid and liquid waste as to prevent discharge of pollutants to storm drain system or to water sources.

Land Use Planning

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