Gov Suspends Operation of “Colorum” Vans in Davao Oriental, Offers Help to Operators

Governor Dayanghirang speaks with passenger van operators during a consultative meeting on April 28 at the Provincial Tourism Complex.

DAVAO ORIENTAL – Governor Nelson Dayanghirang has ordered the suspension of the operation of all “colorum” vans in the province, hoping to address the issue of illegally-operating vans here.

During a consultative meeting and dialogue with passenger van operators called by the Governor yesterday, April 28, at the Provincial Tourism Complex, Governor Dayanghirang appealed to the van operators to stop their operation until such time that they are able to secure a franchise.

Amidst the recent national order to crackdown “colorum” transport vehicles or those without a franchise from the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB), law enforcers are being given direct order to apprehend these illegally-operating vans and other transport vehicles, prompting the Land Transportation Office and the Provincial Government to reach out to the van operators for them to legalize their operation first.

Amid the LTFRB’s moratorium in the issuance of a franchise, Governor Dayanghirang vowed to meet with the LTFRB chief at the central office to discuss possible ways to help existing passenger van operators secure franchise for their units for them to be able to get back on business soon.

He said the province could not afford for the transport sector to be paralyzed which will drastically affect the province’s tourism industry. He said passenger vans being the transportation of choice for most people, especially tourists contribute largely to province’s tourism industry.

“We will try our best to convince the head office to issue franchise. We hope to really resolve this issue to help operators legalize their operation and so not to disrupt the transport sector which is “very crucial” in the province’s trade and tourism industry. We need to strategize in order to address the problem without hurting the province’s tourism,” the Governor emphasized.

Governor Dayanghirang said that this is also his way to help van operators from being fined a hefty sum of P200,000 which is already a huge amount for small-time van operators.

And as much as the Governor wants to encourage the transport business and tourism here, he stressed among van operators the safety of the commuters, especially from road accidents.

He appealed to the van operators to be wary of van drivers who use drugs and those who violate traffic rules, especially those who tend to over speed. “We have to protect our commuters. Remember that what you carry with you are the lives of the people aboard your vehicle,” adds the governor.

Meanwhile, LTO Davao Oriental Supervising Officer Joel Mandaya said that it is high time for the government to intervene and address this issue which has become a rampant national problem.

In the Province of Davao Oriental, there are over 150 units of “colorum” vans, which according to the LTO is already huge and alarming.

He also asked the van operators to stop their operation in the meantime until such time they are legally registered with the LTFRB. “We do not want to penalize you. We understand that you are running a business and getting a penalty of P200, 000 fines is already a huge amount. The LTO and the Philippine National Police as enforcers of the law are mandated to execute it. We are just doing our job,” said Mandaya. By KLD


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