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Gov Leads Groundbreaking of Multi-Purpose Building cum Evacuation Center

Gov Leads Groundbreaking of Multi-Purpose Building cum Evacuation Center

Governor Nelson L. Dayanghirang leads the groundbreaking ceremony.

DAVAO ORIENTAL— Governor Nelson Dayanghirang has led the groundbreaking ceremony of a Multi-Purpose Building cum Evacuation Center in Don Enrique Lopez at the City of Mati on Monday, April 23.

Funded under the Provincial Government’s Local Government Development Fund in 2018, the 100.48-square meter building costs P2.9 million.

Residents here, led by Punong Barangay Hernando Barbas, said they are grateful to Governor Dayanghirang that the building they have been anticipating for years will finally be established. They have also shared their excitement over the project’s completion as it will be turned over to them with complete facility inside and outside the building.

Don Enrique Lopez Punong Barangay Hernando Barbas thanks Governor Nelson Dayanghirang.

Designed by Engr. Jhon Algallar of the Provincial Engineering Office (PEO), interior facility includes the office of the Punong Barangay with toilet and bath, separate offices of the secretary and treasurer, session hall with a session table and chairs, kitchen and lounge.

To provide proper ventilation, three units of air conditioner will be given, as well as 2 units electric fan as an alternative for lower energy consumption.

For the exterior design, the structure will be constructed with a PWD ramp, waiting area, and landscaping.

Governor Dayanghirang leads the unveiling of the project’s profile.

Aside from the amenities provided, construction materials to be used are made sure to fit the specific condition of the area. PEO-OIC Engr. Ruel Dumadag, who presented to the villagers the features of the soon-to-rise Multi-Purpose Building, said that state-of-the-art asphalt roofing will be used to avoid corrosion as the project site is near the beach. “Using asphalt roofing, we can assure you that the building will endure for a long time as it prevents rust from destroying the roof and eventually the whole building,” he said.

The residents of Barangay Don Enrique Lopez who are very grateful for the soon-to-rise Barangay Hall in their area.

While there is not yet an exact date for the project to start as some requirements of the procurement process are still to be complied with, Governor Dayanghirang assured the villagers that the project will start the soonest possible time. He said he has instructed the engineering department to fast track the implementation of the project especially that it will be the first Barangay Hall that will be constructed under his leadership.

Governor Nelson Dayanghirang assures the residents that the project will push through even if there is no exact date for the start of the construction yet.

“This will be the first barangay hall that will be constructed under my term in the whole province which makes it very memorable for me. This initiative of the provincial government aims to serve the people here. Hopefully people can start using it in the coming months,” said the governor. By Riza Golez/Photo by Eden Jhan Licayan


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