Davao Oriental Governor Nelson Dayanghirang has cited the women’s strength, independence, and determination to succeed during the Women’s Month Celebration at the Provincial Capitol on March 8.

Gracing the National Women’s Month Celebration at the Provincial Capitol, Davao Oriental Governor Nelson Dayanghirang has cited the women’s strength, independence, and determination to succeed.

“I believe that women play an extraordinary role in our society. Women play a very influential role on just about everything in our lives. They manage our households and instill the family values and characters keeping the family intact. In certain cases, they perform the tasks usually done by the men in the family. In many cases now, women are more empowered, as they also generate income sources for the family. In some cases, they even become the sole breadwinner. Such is the strong role of women in our society even though there are still reported cases of discrimination or issues against women,” says the governor during a speech before a jam-packed crowd of women at the Capitol’s covered court on Wednesday afternoon.


Motivated by the need to provide for their families and unaffected by traditional gender biases, many women have proven that their innate feminine strengths and hard work can result in success, says the governor.

During the program on March 8, the governor disclosed his administration’s “special livelihood program” for women. “Women are pre-disposed to starting a business. They are the ones who start up the business. They are the ones who are ready to go through the required process of value formation. Women are naturally quite enterprising, persevering, diligent and with patience for details. Women in business have very good perceptions of their entrepreneurial environment. They rise above the challenges in their lives,” says Governor Dayanghirang. The governor adds that there are many cases when women have to go to the extent of finding jobs or business opportunities just to augment the family income. And as women work or manage their businesses, they are still able to manage the household. This only shows the fact that women are known to handle multi-tasking, says the governor.


Governor Dayanghirang have also stressed the need for improvement in the area of innovation and nature of business. Many women entrepreneurs get into very simple businesses, like selling through market stalls, sari-sari stores, or eateries. Many lack innovativeness as they do not offer new products, have many competitors and use old technological processes in their products.


“I believe that a woman’s tendency to nurture, collaborate, and be supportive of people, like she is with her family, helps her achieve great results. A woman’s need to provide for her family may even be the prime motivator of her success,” says Governor Dayanghirang, as he called on all the women to “follow your dreams and tap your full potentials.”

By Ferdinand Zuasola



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