August 15, 2014, Garden of Oasis, Davao City, The Department of Trade and Industry-Davao Oriental in collaboration with the Industry & Investment Development Division, DTI-XI  (IIDD-RO XI)  Regional Office,  initiated the staging of a  “BPLS  Foum Cum Local Investment Incentives Code Harmonization “.  This  is a provincial activity held for the purpose of  rallying understandings/ consensus on the Business Processing and Licensing System Reforms implementation provincewide.

Helping out the activity was the Provincial Director of DILG-Davao Oriental, Ms. Yvette T. Sunga, who warmly welcomed all the delegates and reviewed all the laws and circulars issued relative to the BPLS reforms and LIIC endorsement . Engr. Vedastito C. Galvez,  who heads the Industry and Investment Development Division of DTI-XI talks about the BPLS Programs and  define its processes.

The BPLS reforms, is a strategy  introduced/advocated by the National Competitiveness Council (NCC) in joint efforts with the Department of Interior and Local Government and the Department of Trade and Industry. The DTI and the DILG pushed/campaigned for its adoption in all LGUs. The strategy is conceptualized with the intention of increasing the level of our country’s competitiveness against all  economies of the world.  Competitiveness is  key factor to foreign inbound missions that boils down to investments to fuel our economy.


Thru Joint Memorandum Circulars jointly issued by the DILG and the DTI, the proposed BPLS reforms should be implemented initially provincewide then eventually nationwide. Because according to Guillermo M Luz, Private Co-Chair of the NCC,  “a country is not competitive if only one or two of its areas are competitive. It has to be the entire country implementing reforms to be really competitive”.

The BPLS Forum activity held in Davao City were participated by Fifty (50) people from all LGUs of Davao Oriental. They represents the Mun Local Government Operation Officers  (MLGOOs), Municipal Treasurer & Staff  (MTO), SB Chairman on Trade and Industry, Business Processing and Licensing Officers (BPLOs),  Local Enterprise and Investment Promotion Officers (LEIPOs) and Mayor’s representatives from the City of Mati, Municipalities of Banaybanay, Governor Generoso, San Isidro, Manay, Tarragona, Lupon, Caraga, Baganga, Cateel and Boston. The Provincial Government was represented by the Center for the Promotion of Investments and Trade (C-POINT)  Incharge.


DTI OIC-Provincial Director Jose Calub and DILG Provincial Director Yvette Sunga

The Local Investment Incentives Code (LIIC) were likewise taken up for provincial harmonization. New provisions were discussed, in compliance with the current environmental & global perspective.   A template was presented by  the Speaker,  PD Edwin Banquerigo of the DTI-Davao City Field Office, stressing the point that harmonizing all LIICs will create mutual understanding on its implementation.

Highlight of the event was the “open forum”, where  LGUs  reacted on the ratings of their respective competitiveness,  based on the client survey facilitated recently by the University of Mindanao Research Institution.  It was made clear then that info dissemination should really be clear-cut & appropriate as it impacts on the making and un-making  of  an area.

OIC PD Jose L. Calub   wraps up the activity underlining the next steps to be done as well as presenting the agreements  relative to the BPLS program and the LIIC ./Zir

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