Davao Oriental Army Reservists Launch ‘Agri-Venture Farm’

Army reservists plant corn in a  five-hectare farm in Barangay Bobon in the City of Mati, as part of the Army Reservists-Farmers Community Productivity and Enhancement Program.

Davao Oriental — The 1104th Ready Reserve Infantry (Mandayan Warriors) Battalion, under the 2201st Reserve Infantry (Lawin) Brigade, has successfully launched an Agri-Venture Farm, an Army Reservists-Farmers Community Productivity and Enhancement Program.

Situated in a five-hectare farm in Barangay Bobon in the City of Mati, the Army Reservists Agri-Venture Farm is part of the non-traditional military roles and innovations implemented by the Armed Forces of the Philippines to “win the peace” in Davao Oriental.

Col. Maning Tawantawan, Commander of the 11RCDG, says the farm, which adopts an integrated farming system is now initially planted with corn. He said they would eventually produce other crops here as well as raise poultry and livestock.

“We want to capacitate our  Army Reservists-Farmers by teaching them integrated farming and other means of livelihood to ensure sustainable sources of income to augment their present financial capacity and to guarantee food security,” Col. Tawantawan said.

Some 150 Army Reservists-Farmers are voluntarily implementing the program in the pilot project area in the village provided by the Barangay headed by village chief Valencio F. Macaturac Sr.

“We will also implement this venture in other areas of Davao Oriental in the second phase of this project as a continuing effort of the Nagkakaisang Lingkod-Bayan ng Davao Oriental (NLD) Reservists’ Livelihood Assistance Project to Our Valuable and Valued Reservists” said Lt. Col. Nelson L Dayanghirang (RES) PA, Battalion Commander of 1104th Ready Reserve Infantry (Mandayan Warriors) Battalion.

The 701st Brigade Commander Col. Reuben Basiao said the project aims to train Reservists-Farmers and their families to operate sustainable crop and livestock enterprises. The program also hopes to create a network of Reservists-Farmers and their families who are into sustainable agriculture practices and to provide technical assistance them as they continually improve their farming operations.

LTC Ronie Morimoto, Director of 1104th Community Defense Center, said the program has empowered Army Reservists. “They now are witnesses to the convergence of various government agencies and civil society in ensuring that programs and services are well-implemented with emphasis on making their lives and their communities better onwards to peace and development in Davao Oriental,” he said.

In line with the implementation of the Philippine Army’s Community Support Program (CSP), the Army Reservists Agri-Venture Farm is a Special Convergence Project by the Local Government Units of Davao Oriental and City of Mati, the Provincial Agriculture Office, Department of Labor and Employment Davao Oriental Field Office, the 701st Infantry (Kagitingan) Brigade, the 28th Infantry (Kamagong) Battalion, the Bravo Company (Vanguards) 72nd Infantry (Gabay) Battalion, and the Barangay Officials of Brgy. Bobon. 

The unit is under the supervision and Operational control of the 1104th (Davao Oriental) Community Defense Center, 11th Regional Community Defense Group – Army Reserve Command in partnership with the Provincial Government of Davao Oriental headed by Governor Nelson L. Dayanghirang. CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE

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